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What is a Blockchain – simple explanation for everyone

Introduction to Blockchain – why is was never was hacked

Learn Blockchain Development in just 1 hour

Develop Decentralized Application on Ethereum with Javascript and React

Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

Build a decentralized application with Truffle

Simplify blockchain development using web APIs –

Introduction to Smart Contracts using Blockmason Link –

Connecting a simple DApp to multiple blockchains using Blockmason Link –

Building blockchain powered microservices using Blockmason Link –

The Internet for Blockchain Applications – Blockstack

Example of Blockchain application to prevent counterfeit medicine – 15 years old Alishba Imran

Vitalik Buterin and Vlad Zamfir – Blockchain Scalability Debate

Vitalik Buterin and Ben Goetrzel – Blockchain and AI Panel

EDCON HACK Plasma 101 by Kelvin Fichter


EDCON HACK – Cryptoeconomics for Plasma by Karl Floersch

BUMO Blockchain – Easy Guide to Deploy a Smart Contract

EDCON Hack – Generalized State Channel Workshop | Conditional Payment Design Pattern

EDCON HACK  – Making micro transactions on a Plasma chain

EDCON HACK – Using Viper in Javascript World

EDCON HACK zkSNARKs constructing for Ethereum by Alexander Vlasov

Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies – CryptoChicks together with CryptoBay TV