CryptoChicks Hatchery – build your blockchain startup or AI startup


One year mentorship program for CryptoChicks Hackathons participants building their own startups based on the hackathon ideas and turning them into real startups. Program benefits include, but not limited to:
  • The solid practical knowledge on how to build a successful business while completing CryptoChicks Hatchery Program milestones;
  • Your Minimal Viable Product or Prototype;
  • Your Name and Logo;
  • Your market-tested business model;
  • Market response to your business idea;
  • Your online presence and exposure;
  • Personal mentorship from the best industry experts (CryptoChicks Hatchery mentors);
  • Peer support of fellow founders;
  • Help in registering (incorporating) your business including financial support (we covered $100 towards our last year founders incorporation fees);
  • Opportunity to receive grants from CryptoChicks Hatchery Funding Program (our last year founders are now getting funding from the Canada government grant we just received);
  • Help in building your best possible team;
  • Networking opportunities at the CryptoChicks and partners worldwide;
  • Free access to all mentorship resources and entrepreneurs courses available to the CryptoChicks;
  • Free or discounted blockchain education (BlockGeeks, University Of Nicosia etc.);
  • Your logo, website link and promo materials at the main CryptoChicks website and all CryptoChicks events worldwide;
  • Speaking opportunities to promote your business at all CryptoChicks and partner events worldwide ;
  • Opportunity to win the Sustainability Prize.
Congratulations to Customs Speed for winning the Sustainability Prize of $3000 this year!!!  
Congratulations to all CryptoChicks Hatchery startups and founders on your success!!!
This program is by INVITATION ONLY!!!! For the 2021 cohort Hatchery applications or if you would like to become our mentor, educator or to join project teams please email us at stayintouch@cryptochicks.ca

Our Projects


Trust the impact of your donations by tracking them in real-time

Behind The Art

Behind The Art is a decentralized art registry project for provenance research. The project aims to combine the research of art historians, museums, auction houses, galleries, publishers, and archives with blockchain technology, and it would provide a speedier, less costly method to conduct thorough research that validates ownership and transactions for works of art through support documentation. 

Behind the Art


Ideally, the patient is the user and would create an identity and log in using their uPort account. From there, they would be able to see their transaction history, check their verified transactions, and be able to earn tokens for their past transactions, and can use their tokens as rewards for local stores in Toronto such as Tim Horton’s or Safeway.


Customs Speed

Uses blockchain to reduce customs clearance delays at the border

Customs Speed


Abstrakta was inspired by our teammate who wanted to protect her conference presentation findings before they were published in an academic publication. This got us thinking about what happens to all of the research and raw data leading up to years before a publication takes place. We decided to build a case for a database that would allow for time stamping (as a way to build history and proof) of incremental work.



A path to invest for a future with no basic living expenses


Empowering the decision on what constitutes a ‘great’  nba draft pick


Charity On Blocks

A platform for small NGO’s with real cause and increase donor goodwill by building trust through transparency.


Pass It Forward

A parcel delivery service with an option to use zero carbon in transportation. 

Pass it Forward slide

Our Mentors

Alison Gibbins

Royal Bank of Canada, Director

Alison Gibbins is the Senior Director of Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) Technology Talent Strategy group. With a background in marketing, business strategy, and data insights, she also advises Canadian startups through programs such as Techstars, Startup Weekend, and MaRS. Alison has worked across a variety of sectors including telecom, B2B services, healthcare, education, and entertainment/gaming.

Chinmay Patel

BlockX Labs, Founder

Chinmay Patel is a tech leader, public speaker, and a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of team building and product development experience under his belt. He is currently the founder and CEO of BlockX Labs and works with his clients to help them build developer tools and explore the full potential of blockchain technologies. Chinmay’s aim is to bring mature software development and strong developer tools to the world of blockchain software development.

Monica Goyal

My Legal Briefcase, Founder

Monica Goyal is an entrepreneur, lawyer, and innovator. She applies her technological experience to her legal practice to provide accessible and affordable solutions for the legal needs of business owners. She has developed innovative platforms like My Legal Briefcase and Aluvion Law that utilize technology to create democratic legal solutions for businesses and individuals.

Amber D. Scott

Outlier Solutions Inc., Founder

Amber is a compliance geek with a passion for technology. She founded Outlier Compliance Group in 2013, and leads a team of compliance consultants.

Michael Gord

GDA Capital, Founder

Entrepreneur focused on making blockchains and digital assets mainstream. Founder of GDA Capital, merchant bank focused on blockchain and digital asset offerings.

Dilesha Stelmach

OUI STEM Academy, Founder

Dilesha is a Founder and CEO of Oui STEM Academy, the United Nations 2018 SDG Leadership winning organization dedicated to offering advocating for equitable science, technology, engineering, & mathematics education. 

Mario Salerno

SIMBL, Founder

Mario’s company specializes in the realization of business strategy, helping fledgling organizations develop from ideas into revenue generating businesses.

Irene Katzela

Axio4Tech, Founder

Dr. Irene Katzela is one of Canada’s foremost authorities on Network Management of Large-Scale Integrated Networks. She has extensive experience in the research, development and commercialization of emerging networking technologies.
 Currently, she is the CEO of Axio4Tech, a consulting company specializing in network infrastructure, management and security. She also sits on the advisory board of a number of startups.

Jon Irwin

Leyton, Founder

Jon was the kid who didn’t break apart my Rubik’s cube so that I could get all the colors lined up—I was the kid who solved it. And I’ve not stopped taking on impossible, beat-your-head-against-the-wall challenges since. I was always the kid who took over the class and got things done by exploiting people’s strengths and pushing them when needed.

Matthew Spoke

AION Foundation, Founder

Matthew is the Founder and CEO of the Aion Foundation, a not-for-profit designed to steward the Aion blockchain project. For many years he’s been a leading advocate for the potential social benefits of decentralized technologies. He is an active and founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a founding director of the Blockchain Technology Coalition of Canada. Prior to Aion, he founded Deloitte’s first blockchain team and have spent over 5 years working exclusively in the blockchain space.

Richa Vajpeyi

ALKYD Marketing, Founder

Richa Vajpeyi is the founder of ALKYD. She led the Aion Network, a leading blockchain project, as their Head of Marketing through its early stages of 20 employees to its ICO and global foundation and established it as a leading brand.
She currently serves as Aions’ Marketing director of Special Projects alongside protocols, stablecoins and other blockchain businesses. With over a decade of experience, Richa has led marketing and business development projects in several industries that included Fortune 500 companies such as KPMG and Eli Lilly. She has an MBA from the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

Tanya Lindsay

CryptoMibs, Founder

Tanya has a long history of leading technology teams. She has worked in the high-tech sector developing hardware and software products, and also in the ERP space, completing several enterprise global system implementations. She is now applying her experience in the blockchain space to develop decentralized applications.

Niloo Ravaei

Hello Iris, Founder

Passionate about enhancing the human experience, Niloo started her career in film, screening her short film at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Since then, she has turned to emerging tech, both as an engineer and entrepreneur, to see how it can be used to empower people. As an educator in the blockchain space, she has worked closely with both emerging platforms and enterprises looking to leverage blockchain technology. Now, in her latest company, Hello Iris, she is using AI to make dating more human.

Kevin Kliman

Humi, CEO and Co-founder

Cofouder and CEO of Humi. Serial entrepreneur + hoping to help other people aspiring to build businesses.

Laura Pratt

TokenFunder and TokenGX, COO and Co-founder

Laura is Co Founder, COO TokenFunder and TokenGX. TokenGX is Canada’s first regulated Exempt Market Dealer issuing securities on the blockchain. She is also Co Founder of Blockchain Canada and sits on the George Brown Advisory Committee for Blockchain.

Akeem Gardner

Atlas365, CEO and Co-founder

Akeem Gardner, CEO & Co-Founder of Atlas 365 Inc., is a dedicated, hard-working, and driven individual who is focused on community building and innovation in niche markets. His core work includes education and character development through sport, motivating our youth – the leaders of tomorrow, and helping create opportunities in the cannabis/hemp industry. He has recently earned his LL.B from the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) and is working towards being a licensed lawyer by the Law Society of Ontario.

Harish Raisinghani

Blockmason, COO

Harish Raisinghani is a passionate, digital literacy educator based in Surrey, Canada. He enjoys hosting workshops on emerging technologies such as coding, data science, blockchain and machine learning. Harish loves to teach, learn & mentor. He has worked in the tech sector for the past 10 years in multiple roles such as project and product management, customer success, sales engineer and software developer. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer for blockchain start-up Blockmason, who’s application Link makes it easy to build blockchain–powered microservices using web APIs. Harish is a graduate from the Engineering Physics program at the University of British Columbia.

Chris Weisdorf

Praxis Vesta Group, President

I have nearly 20 years of experience in the capital markets and over 10 years in international trade. I made the first business case for Bitcoin in Canada at the beginning of 2013. I started in telecom in the 90’s and have been using encryption (PGP/GPG) since 1998. I ran the largest consumer advocacy group in telecom on the continent from 2000-2002. I have been president of the Praxis Vesta Group since 2006. I had a company, IINTECH, or Intellidyne Innovative Technologies, from 1998 until then. I am currently prosecuting the largest constitutional challenge in Canadian history to the Court of Appeal for Ontario- the highest court in the province.

Nooshin Mohtashami

Lendogram, Founder

Art engineer, entrepreneur, mother, sailor, ski instructor, labyrinth maker & mixologist — Nooshin is the brains and energy behind Mystery Mindcamp events.


Trekk Smart Consulting LLC, Founder

Trekk provides beginner to advance education, real-world application, and business solutions based on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As someone who lives in the Space, Trekk delivers content in context to individuals, small business, and large enterprises by way of writing articles, public speaking, private consultations, and hosting the podcast Trekken Cryptos 2 Connect.

Trekk is an awarded combat veteran of the Army National Guard. In 2014 he began working in the defense industry, leading him to work with Lockheed Martin and CACI supporting electronic warfare platforms. Trekk has been in the Crypto Space since 2013 starting as a HODLer. He eventually expanded his perspective of the underlying technology seeing beyond the single-use case of Crypto-as-Currency gaining a broader understanding of Blockchain Solutions for small businesses and large enterprise.

Olga Egorov


Olga has 20+ years of experience in bringing innovation and inspiration internationally to partners and internal teams within technology and services companies. Olga is a specialist in co-creating strategies that elevate the product experience and enhance our customer’s competitive advantages. She has proven results in cloud solutions, enterprise software, SaaS, and e-commerce ventures, and she is experienced in managing global relationships with investors, C-suit executives, and Governmental officials. Holds MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, MS degrees in Strategic Management, Organizational Development, and Psychology from overseas.

Alex Pamer

NextAI, Mentor

Former CEO and Head of Product of FilmYeti – an intelligent platform for hiring film crew (B2B). Passionate about great UX and products that solve important problems at scale. Writer of two published ebooks on the fundamental principles of IA/UX/UI and AI/ML/DL.

Mentor at NextAI, helping founders with the journey towards product/market fit – refining product messaging, improving value proposition copy, ICP discovery, KPIs, and focusing on things that matter most. I help people become leaders and build solutions to important problems at scale.

Victor Cucos

3commas, Co-Founder

Chief Strategy Officer/Director Capital Markets with 3commas Capital Inc – a premium algorithmic trading and portfolio management platform across all major crypto markets. Crypto-geek with a deep understanding of blockchain/DLT and its applications in fintech and other emerging technologies. Skeptic-In-Chief and trusted mentor for a number of brilliant tech startups. – Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management – MBA and B.Sc Engineering. I speak Hyperledger and Solidity

Vanessa M. Boone

Vanessa M. Boone & Associates, President

Vanessa M. Boone is the President of Vanessa M. Boone & Associates, an executive search firm specializing in the search and placement of executive-level financial, information technology, sales and marketing, and human resources professionals, as well as CEOs and COOs, in growth-oriented, small- to medium-sized business entities, with annual revenues between CDN $2 million and $2 billion.
Headquartered in Oakville ON (west GTA), Vanessa oversees all day-to-day executive search activities and operations, including planning, sourcing, screening and strategic short-list compilation for clients across Canada and the United States.
Vanessa also functions as a professional resource for executives looking to re-engineer their career goals.
In addition, Vanessa is a founding partner of Compass Search Group, a firm specializing in recruitment and placement of information technology specialists encompassing infrastructure, development, and security roles at the intermediate to senior level.

Tal Zisckind

Metaverse, Blockchain Developer

Researcher and Developer, Tal has a strong technical background in blockchain development and help teams with building the MVPs.

Jefferson Gardner

InBridge, Co-Founder and CEO

Jefferson is Co-Founder and CEO of InBridge Inc., an emerging technology company exploring new concepts around the convergence of technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Jefferson has worked in ten (10) industries and seven (7) countries consulting with foreign government and multinational corporations in the areas of marketing, public relations, strategy, operations, security and technology. As a Certified Blockchain Expert, Jefferson has developed and taught workshops, given keynotes and provided enterprise consultation on Blockchain Technology and its inevitable impact on our changing world.

Boon Tan

GrowthLogic, Co-Founder

Throughout my technology, business development, consulting and management career, I have helped many organizations build & launch new businesses/services, improved operational efficiency and managed projects of various scopes & scales. My hands-on roll-up-the-sleeves aptitude plus my honesty, integrity and work ethics have earned me the respect as a trusted advisor with many clients and business partners.


  • Forming idea that fits into rules of business 
      • Defining your focus, why, mission, and vision
      • Equity sharing and work division between founders
          • Research: Learn your competitors
          • Research: Study your market
          • Research: Study your target audience
          • Research: Define your unique value proposition
            • Research: Determine your business model and pricing
            • Calculate Your Unit Economics
            • Define your exit strategy
              Soft Shell
              • Define if you need a prototype or MVP or both
              • Design your logo
              • Select your name
              • Define your Go To Market Strategy
              • Startup Marketing 
              • Create Your Budget
              • Define Your Test KPIs
              • Create and launch your prototype or MVP or both
                Hard shell
                • Evaluate market response to your idea
                • Evaluate Key Performance Indicators
                • Evaluate Customer Feedback
                • Make one change
                • Retest and repeat
                • Registration and trademark
                • Laws and regulations
                • Startup Accounting
                    • Startup Funding
                    • Hiring the best possible team

                    Core Events

                    Program Launch (Plans and Pitches): September 19, 2020 
                    • CryptoChicks Hatchery Program Overview – Pavel Sinelnikov
                    • Hatchery Mentor Introductions
                    • Hatchery Projects and Guests Presentations
                    • Mentor-Participant One-on-Ones
                    Soft Shell (Build an MVP and test launch): December 5, 2020
                    • CryptoChicks Hatchery Reports and Announcements
                    • Hatchery Projects and Guests Presentations
                    • Speed Cross-Mentoring Session
                    • Round-table discussions with the assigned mentors
                    Hard Shell (Real Launch – get a paying customer): March 6, 2021
                    • CryptoChicks Hatchery Reports and Announcements
                    • Hatchery Projects and Guests Presentations
                    • Speed Cross-Mentoring Session
                    • Round-table discussions with the mentors
                    Hatching (Results and Incorporation): June 5, 2021 
                    • CryptoChicks Hatchery Reports and Announcements
                    • CryptoChicks Hatchery 2020/2021 New Members
                    • Judges Introduction
                    • Hatchery Projects  Presentations
                    • Voting and Awards
                    • Speed Cross-Mentoring and round-table discussions with the mentors