Hatchery Workshops

Building in DeFi

Mentor: David Truong

Why validating trust = solid brand

Mentor: Trekk

Blockchain in Registration Systems

Mentor: Eesha Ulhaq

Building Your Business in Decentraland

Mentor: Carl Fravel

AI in Education – Learning Together Online

Mentor: Beth Porter

Learning Blockchain – The Start

Mentor: Jennifer Tran

Build Sustainable Business

Mentor: Chinmay Patel

Master Your Investor Pitch

Mentor:  Trekk

Build Your Business Prototype – MVP alternative

Mentor:  Jess Sun

Can’t be evil apps – Customs Speed and Claimsure

Mentor:  Tal Zisckind

Unspent Transaction Outputs for Charitable Giving – Waryer and Charity on Blocks

Mentor:  Tal Zisckind

Risks And Regulations for Business Owners

Mentor:  Amber Scott  – Outlier Solutions Founder

Government Grants and Tax Credits

Mentor:  Jon Irwin  – Leyton Canada Director