CryptoChicks started from two software engineers and friends Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline walking through the mazes of blockchain technology and deciding to help other women to navigate them.  Now it is an international non-profit with members, events and chapters in 56 countries, helping thousands of women around the globe to learn and invest in blockchain, build new careers and businesses.


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Daniel is an entrepreneur and investor with primary focus on decentralized web technologies. He is the founder of bitfwd (比特未来 – 区块链创投) and currently serves as Chairman, his venture activity is focused on disruptive innovation in the FinTech space and promotes equitable business models through opensource systems and cryptoeconomic empowerment.

Daniel was selected as impact entrepreneur fellow to join the Edmund Hillary Fellowship program.
He is based mostly in APAC (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China).

Daniel leads global Blockchain collaborations that involve grassroots developer communities, high performance tech projects, venture funding activities, academic research groups, NFPs and governmental advisory. His work attracted government grants and sponsorship from China, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

Prior to Blockchain technology ventures Daniel was involved in research and engineering roles in areas such as Quantum Computing, Nanoelectronics and Biosensors.
Daniel holds an MSc degree in Nanotechnology from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and a graduate of the Orion Entrepreneurship program from the Business School at the University of New South Wales.

Daniel cares deeply about wellbeing and education, advancement of indigenous people, gender equality, diversity & inclusion, and environmental sustainability.


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