CryptoChicks Brings Free Young Entrepreneurship Program to Canadian Classrooms


CryptoChicks, a nonprofit organization dedicated to blockchain education and startup support, is in partnership with ICTC and the Government of Canada to offer free workshops to students ages 9-17. Teachers in Canada can sign their classes up for live stream and asynchronous work sessions led by experienced educators ready to teach students the principles of business development and blockchain basics. The program consists of 4 workshops, divided into 9 virtual classes, and everything from content creation to delivery is done by CryptoChicks’ educators. 

The program launched in late 2022 and is expanding quickly to schools in every province. After signing up to learn more, teachers meet with the CryptoChicks team to share their class objectives and identify curriculum alignment to determine the best delivery methods for their diverse group of learners. So far, nearly 200 students have participated in these workshops, and CryptoChicks intends to reach 800 students by the end of the year. 

Students as young as grade 4 and as old as grade 12 receive scaffolded workshops in branding and graphic design, website development, mobile app development, and blockchain basics. The overarching theme of each lesson is tied to entrepreneurial thinking and laying the foundation for a new business, designed by the students. 

Teachers, too, learn more about business development strategy, the use cases of blockchain technology, and how cryptocurrency works. After the workshop delivery is complete, students have the opportunity to showcase any completed work, take an interactive assessment to demonstrate growth, and are celebrated in a certificate ceremony. CryptoChicks will soon offer NFT badges to represent completion and excellence in the program. 

Teachers receive support in up to 9 classroom sessions and are offered consultations on in-class projects that align with the program’s curriculum, as well as support in sharing the benefits of entrepreneurial learning with school administration. To request more information about the program, teachers can register here

About CrytpoChicks

CryptoChicks is a nonprofit organization in Canada, founded by Elena Sinelnikova and Natalia Ameline. CryptoChicks’ mission is to bring blockchain and startup education to women and children around the world. Students can sign up for on-demand courses in the CryptoChicks Academy, or take their business idea from a dream to a startup in the CryptoChicks Hatchery program. 

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