CryptoChicks Planet Wide S.O.S HACKATHON partners with SingularityNET COVID-19 COVIDathon

CryptoChicks Planet Wide S.O.S HACKATHON partners with SingularityNET's COVIDathon

Canadian non-profit blockchain and artificial intelligence educational hub CryptoChicks is teaming up with the major community partner to run the first-ever Planet Wide SOS (Share our Strength) Hackathon. Organized by CryptoChicks and DAOstack, and in partnership with COVIDathon (promoted by the Decentralized AI Alliance, organized by SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol) this is truly an all-hands-on-deck event.

Planet Wide SOS (Share our Strength) Hackathon  is a world-wide online event for anyone to test ideas and develop solutions to heal our world in crisis. This online event is open to all countries, all genders, all technologies and philosophies. The prize fund is being raised and governed by the community via digital decentralized co-op on blockchain, where each contributor gets a voting power to select the winning ideas and solutions. As of today developers, technologists, scientists, and entrepreneurs from the USA, Canada, Bahamas, Pakistan, Australia, Japan, China, Philippines, Afghanistan, Belarus, and Russia submitted their applications to participate.

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