XYO Announced As Sponsor – CryptoChicks’ Toronto Conference & Hackathon

CryptoChicks are proud to announce XYO, the world’s first geospatial blockchain oracle network, as lead sponsor of the CryptoChicks 2019 Toronto Hackathon & Conference
Toronto, ON, April 19, 2019 – Canadian based non-profit education hub CryptoChicks is proud to partner with XYO, the geospatial cryptonetwork, for the 2019 Toronto Hackathon – Blockchain & AI Conference taking place Downtown Toronto  May 31 to June 2nd at RBC Waterpark Place, one of the world’s first high-tech ‘Internet of Everything’ innovation centre located downtown Toronto.  

Hackathons bring inspiring visionaries together to learn in a positive and creative environment, meet new friends, make valuable business connections while working on new blockchain/AI development projects.  XYO is the industry’s leading geospatial blockchain network backed by cryptography, adds a rich informative data layer to the conference conversation and is focused on driving cutting-edge advancements in IoT data-based distributed oracle technology, which will be key for the global adoption of smart contracts.

The XYO Challenge

The XYO app runs on smartphones and IoT sensors with the goal of implementing a Proof of interaction protocol which can be used to identify and verify who interacted with whom, where specific interactions happened, and under which physical conditions. XYO’s blockchain protocol generates high-certainty and tamper-evident data sets for IoT Management or Smart Contract Platform via various APIs. With the XYO network now live, the team wants to see what the community can build with simple consensus smart contracts and new, updated XYO nodes.

There are two open development challenges currently being finalized, with no restrictions as to how XYO technology is integrated into the Dapps participants will create. The XYO team wants to see what participants can do with location data certainty. To be successful with the challenge, teams will use the XYO simple consensus smart contracts (SCSC) Library, at least one XYO archivist and one XYO diviner.

There are some useful tools that can be used to connect with and visualize the XYO network:

The Matrix:  matrix.xyo.network

XYO App:  app.xyo.network

XYO Developer Portal:  developers.xyo.network

Arie Trouw (CEO/CTO)
Phillip Lorenzo (Technical Writer)
  • “Arie Trouw on XYO, IoT, and Blockchain”
  •  “XYO: learning to leverage a blockchain oracle for sensor data”

XYO dev team members will be on hand to provide guidance and assistance as needed. Primary judging will be based on utilization of XYO technologies, particularly the SCSC Library and XYO nodes. Prizes are being finalized at this time.

CryptoChicks’ Hackathons & Conferences are collaboration at its best in a fun, educational environment. Partnering with innovative companies like XYO help CrypoChicks promote education in emerging technologies to women and youth around the globe; preparing them for exciting opportunities in exhilarating STEM industries.


About XYO: Since 2012, with a Dataist focus, XYO has developed trusted IoT technology that connects the digital world with the physical one. In 2018, the company unveiled the XYO Network, the world’s first geospatial blockchain network backed by cryptography. With more than 1 million location-verifying beacons around the planet, XYO technology rivals the GPS network, and radically transforms the world’s leading industries. Partners include mapping giant Esri, FedEx Research Institute, Re/Max Mexico and Spaceflight Industries. XYO Advisors come from leading organizations including National Geographic and the World Economic Forum. For more information, visit us at www.xy.company and https://xyo.network.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/OfficialXYO

Instagram: www.instagram.com/officialxyo

Twitter: www.twitter.com/officialxyo

About CryptoChicks: CryptoChicks is a global non-profit blockchain AI educational hub based in Toronto, Canada. The mission of CryptoChicks is to assist women in blockchain technology via mentorship, collaboration and education. CryptoChicks offer san array of educational opportunities, consulting services, public speakers, event hosts, for a variety of industry events including conferences and world-renowned hackathons.

For media contact, consulting and sponsorship opportunities please visit www.toronto.cryptochicks.ca

XYO Media Contact
Larry Smalheiser
Head of Communications

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