Emerging Technologies Collide at CryptoChicks 2019 Toronto Hackathon & Conference


Toronto, Ontario, March 01, 2019 – Toronto-based non-profit blockchain and artificial intelligence educational hub CryptoChicks are excited to announce details for the CryptoChicks Hackathon + Blockchain & AI Conference, that will take place from May 31 to June 02, 2019 at RBC WaterPark Place Downtown Toronto. CryptoChicks’ global hackathon and conference series are an integral part of the mission to grow the economic, professional and leadership potential of women in blockchain and AI technologies through education, mentorship, business and diverse employment opportunities. This year’s Toronto event combines technology competitions and an educational conference that will run side by side, over three consecutive days.

A unique knowledge-intensive program, CryptoChicks’ Hackathon + Conference is an opportunity for participants of all ages to learn about new technologies in a fun environment.

You will enjoy:

* 3-day Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Conference

* Free blockchain & AI World Championship competitions for both women and youth

* Social Events and Entertainment

* CryptoChick of the Year Award

* Bring Your Family” day on Sunday for Blockchain and AI games

Meet and connect with:

* Inventors and Scientists

* Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Developers

* Venture Capitalists

* Top Blockchain and AI businesses

CryptoChicks 2019 Toronto Hackathon and Conference Already the Talk of the Town

Leave it to the CryptoChicks to keep one-upping themselves – Toronto Hackathon and Conference 2019 has already garnered quite a buzz among entrepreneurs, business analysts and software developers and is being touted as the “must attend” hackathon of 2019 as featured speakers include Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin, Ben Goertzel, founder and CEO of SingularityNET and chief scientist at Hanson Robotics.

About CryptoChicks

Founded in 2017, CryptoChicks mission is to empower and inspire women interested in learning about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and artificial intelligence. Elena Sinelnikova, founder of CryptoChicks is a software developer turned entrepreneur, who believes women are significantly underrepresented in technology and is determined to change the status quo. Co-founder Natalia Ameline who’s expertise is in strategic financial planning, says that “women are an immensely talented, albeit untapped, resource in the technological world”. CryptoChicks offer an array of educational opportunities, consulting services, public speakers, event hosts, for a variety of industry events including conferences and hackathons on a global scale.

To participate in CryptoChicks 2019 Hackahton + Conference in Toronto, visit: www.toronto.cryptochicks.ca

For more information contact Elena Sinelnikova at elena.sinelnikova@cryptochicks.ca

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