Women in Blockchain: What got you hooked?

February 11 is the International Day Of Women And Girls In STEM. An annual event established in 2015 by the UNESCO and the UN that acknowledges and celebrates the crucial role women and girls play in science and technology communities.

At CryptoChicks our mission is to support and encourage more women and girls coming from all backgrounds, ages, and experience to learn and apply innovative technologies like blockchain & AI. We improve the learning curve, by providing mentorship, free workshops and by hosting meetups and hackathons. Ultimately, we create an environment where learning becomes interactive and fun.

Since our inception, a little over a year and a half ago, we’ve been actively involved in building and spreading this community of women worldwide and providing more girls with opportunities to work and explore their passion for technology.

Today was a beautiful opportunity to hear from the women in this community about their experience. And more exactly how it all started for them, what sparked their curiosity and what motivated them to pursue a career in tech.

Lucia Gallardo – Founder of Emerge 

Lucia Gallardo

“ I had spent 4 years working in the public sector, and it felt like I was either having a negative effect or no effect at all on issues I cared deeply about. Switching to the tech sector meant I could help design solutions. I couldn’t feel more fulfilled, more self-actualized, more proud than what I feel about my work today. Emerging tech for good is a necessary movement, and for it to succeed it needs diversity (women and other) in its leadership, development, and implementation.”

Olga Plokhuta – Marketing, CryptoChicks

Olga Plokhuta

“I’ve been drawn to tech since I was a teen. Technology runs our world, apparently, it’s impossible to stay aside and watch. I think foremost a reason why I love technology is that by concept it is multifaceted. It has a tremendous impact on how you complete anything you are trying to accomplish, whether on be personal or professional level. If not for technology, the way we live life would be completely less vivid.”

Nélia Teixeira – Lawyer, Educator & Entrepreneur

Image result for nelia teixeira

“For me, Blockchain and smart contracts represent the evolution of financial and legal institutions. These are institutions of power that govern important aspects of our lives. If we, as women, do not actively engage with these technologies we will be left behind as they become dominant features of modern society. That potentiality is troubling to me.

A better world is possible!”

Karla Vilhelem – Marketing, Shyft Network & CryptoChicks

“ I was fresh out of university, looking to start my career in marketing, and always knew that I wanted to work on projects that have a positive impact on the world. When I discovered cryptocurrency in early 2016, I recognized they had a real potential to change lives and bring a positive social change. Attending events, I learned about the amazing applications of the blockchain technology and all I wanted to do is spread the word about it and get more people to experience the aha! moment that I had”.

Tatiana Moroz – Founder of Tatiana Coin (the 1st artist cryptocurrency) and Crypto Media Hub

Tatiana Moroz

“My background was originally in music, which I studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston.  I became immersed in Bitcoin as a result of my performances around the Ron Paul campaign. Bitpay sponsored me and told me all about it, though I wasn’t really interested (beyond making a purchase of some at $11) until I realized the potential for global impact.  My music has always been message focused, hoping to offer something real in a sea of Brittany Spears, Rhiannon, etc. I then created the Bitcoin Jingle, and went on to create the world first ever artist cryptocurrency. I have really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone, calming any fears (or boredom), and focusing on learning more about what makes a successful tech product and/or company.  Through my podcast “The Tatiana Show”, I have also had many opportunities to learn firsthand from the experts.”

You might have noticed that most of these women don’t actually come from a technology background and yet, here they are sharing an inspiring story of diversity, passion and social impact. This for us is the beauty of technology!

We hope that you enjoy the read and we would love to hear your experience too! Don’t forget to leave us a comment below ♡.


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