CryptoChicks Announced As Hackathon Organizing Partner 4 EDCON 2019

CryptoChicks announced as organizing partner of this year’s hackathon at EDCON April 8-10, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.  

What is EDCON 2019?

EDCON 2019 (Community Ethereum Development Conference) is a non-profit global conference which will happen in Sydney, Australia on 8-14 April 2019. The purpose of the conference is to improve communication among various Ethereum communities and to promote  Ethereum ecosystem development on a global scale. EDCON is organized as a conference series, once a year in different countries. The previous EDCONswere held successfully in ESCP Europe, Paris 2017, and Ryerson University, Toronto 2018 (both were organized by LinkTime, one of the Chinese Ethereum community representatives). The Ethereum Foundation and various Ethereum communities have been strongly supportive to this high-quality community conference.

Great changes will take place in EDCON 2019; a greater event with more opportunities for attendees to communicate with great minds in this field and get involved in more interesting activities. 

EDCON week events will include:

(1) EDCON Hackathon: a 36 hours event with non-stop creative storming for participants with organizing partner CryptoChicks.

(2) EDCON Conference: a three-day conference including main conference, subconference, workshops, etc. Core Ethereum development teams will be invited to talk about the latest updates on Ethereum research and technology, and other pioneers in the field will share their thoughts on the current trends, projects and applications, as well as community building and development status.

(3) EDCON “Having Fun” day: a one-day outdoor activity. While this will no doubt be a great opportunity for network building between the community members in a more informal setting for everyone to relax after a week of hacking and sessions.

All Ethereum communities worldwide are invited to participate in this event. 

About CryptoChicks

CryptoChicks, a non-profit blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology educational hub with a mission to grow the professional and leadership potential of women in blockchain & AI technology through education, collaboration and mentorship.

CryptoChicks organize, mentor and teach hackathons all over the world including in Pakistan, Switzerland, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, etc.

To sponsor, mentor, speak or get involved with CryptoChicks visit 


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