CryptoChicks to Host Youth Hackathon in Bern, Switzerland

CryptoChicks to Host Youth Hackathon – Part of the Celebration of “Women in Innovation” During the First International Innovation Film Festival (IIFF) in Bern, Switzerland

Blockchain developers, film makers, educators and enthusiasts will converge on Bern, Switzerland, Feb 14-18, 2019 for the International Innovation Film Festival and Conference – a weekend of innovation, opportunity, education and inspiration including a Youth Hackathon where participants from the ages of 16-22 will get the opportunity to work with world renowned blockchain education hub CryptoChicks and other blockchain mentors.

About Hackathons: CryptoChicks’ Hackathons are an enthusiastic gathering of a variety of software developers, graphic designers, coders, project managers, etc. involved in different aspects of blockchain technology industry —at sprint like events to work in teams to develop projects or work at creative problem solving. These events can occur for gaming, blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, deep learning, robotics – anything that involves computer programming. CryptoChicksHackathons are a great way to bring people together to address specific challenges in the blockchain industry or to address global challenges that blockchain technology may be able to provide a solution for.

About CryptoChicks: CryptoChicks was founded in July 2017 by Elena Sinelnikova and co-founder Natalie Ameline. Elena’s vision for CryptoChicks was to empower and inspire women interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Elena is a software development team leader “turned serial entrepreneur,” who believes women are significantly underrepresented in technology. Natalia’s expertise lies primarily in strategic financial planning, and she, like Elena, believes women are an immensely talented, albeit untapped, resource in the technological world.

The 1st International Innovation Film Festival IIFF will be held on February 14-18, 2019 in the capital of Switzerland, Bern. It will feature live screenings at the Cinématte Cinema, Blockchain workshops at Welle 7 Workspace, and a Networking Apéro.

CryptoChicks hosted Youth Hackathon will take place on Saturday, February 16, 2019, from 8:30-20:30 at the Welle 7 Workspace.

Hackathon Educational Features Include:
• Different blockchain technologies
• How to develop decentralized applications
• ERC20 and ERC 721 tokens
• How to design effective crypto economics token models
• How to program using RightMesh
• How to design and build your own blockchain business
• Challenges and roadblocks in current blockchain technologies

The Hackathon is a free event for all youth participants but space is limited. Contact for more information or head to CryptoChicks Switzerland Hackathon 

CryptoChicks offer an array of educational opportunities, consulting services, public speakers, event hosts, etc for a variety of industry events.

For media contact, consulting and sponsorship opportunities please contact:

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