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CryptoChicks started from two software engineers and friends Elena and Natalia walking through the mazes of blockchain technology and deciding to help other women to navigate them.  Now it is an international non-profit with members, events and chapters in 56 countries, helping thousands of women around the globe to learn and invest in blockchain, build new careers and businesses.


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We provide opportunities to learn regardless of your level of knowledge. Select the program that fits your needs, time and budget. 



Learn about blockchain, cryptocurrency and other emerging technologies and tools that will help you to enhance your career

School Program

Designed for motivated 11 to 18 year-olds, our comprehensive schools program designed for CanCode and delivered to over 800 kids across Ontario melds entrepreneurial teaching with practical digital skills training.


Build your own blockchain or hi-tech startup with the help of our experienced mentors and our extensive incubation program

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Donate to help us open chapters in developing countries to reach and educate more women and youth around the globe.




If you would like to sponsor our events, workshops, hackathons or our Hatchery or Academy we offer awesome sponsor benefits in return for your support!


Check out our CryptoChicks merchandise including adult and baby clothing, accessories, and more! Represent a growing and impactful blockchain organization! 

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I have been working and following up with CryptoChicks since the hackathon that was done in 2019. I was a mentor at that time. The webinars helped me to connect back with the community, and gave me some references of actual companies that are implementing some of the ideas I am working on for my PhD thesis.

Alaa Eddin Alchalabi

I highly recommend the programs and webinars from CryptoChicks. It helped me learn and master the practical skills that I needed to improvise my career. My favorite webinar was the Cryptocurrency 101 for Business.

Deepika Sivaram

Cryptochicks instructors are very experienced, still able to connect with public from all skill levels.

Lya Glaentzlin


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