CryptoChicks has started as a meetup group in Canada organized by two women Elena and Natalia to help other women to navigate through Blockchain technology. 

In a short period of time small meetup group grew into an international non-profit organization CryptoChicks with the members, events and chapters in 56 countries. CryptoChicks educated thousands of women and youth all over the world in just short 3 years. Hundreds of those women now have careers and started their businesses in blockchain. To help them, CryptoChicks created mentorship programs, such as CryptoChicks Hatchery

CryptoChicks are proud to be nominated for Blockchain Company of the Year Award at the Canadian FinTech and AI Awards and Diversity Initiative of the Year at the inaugural Women in IT Awards Canada.


We provide opportunities to learn and invest in crypto and blockchain regardless of your financial situation. Select the program that fits your needs, time and budget. 

Crypto Investments Fundamentals – 1 week, 3 live sessions ($99 USD)
  • Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto mining: proof-of-work and proof-of-stake
  • Wallets: how to get and install the most secure ones
  • Where and how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • How to recognize crypto scams
Crypto Investments Intermediate – 2 weeks, 5 live sessions ($245 USD)
  • Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies
  • Crypto mining: proof-of-work and proof-of-stake
  • Wallets: how to get and install the most secure ones
  • Where and how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • How to profit from crypto mining
  • How to use platforms to earn interest on your crypto daily
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms
  • How investment in blockchain works
  • Long and short term investment strategies
  • Crypto scams and hacks and how to avoid them
Crypto Investments Advanced School (by BlockGeeks) – 8 weeks, 17 live sessions ($2950 USD)
  • Foundations of Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum
  • Cryptocurrencies: how to use and where to buy them
  • What is mining: proof-of-work and proof-of-stake
  • How investment in blockchain works
  • Long-term investment strategies vs Short-term trading
  • Core concepts of reading price charts
  • Trading indicators like moving average, support & resistance etc.
  • Trading platforms
  • Exclusive trading masterclass
  • Decentralized Finance(DeFi) and it’s exponential growth
  • Decentralized lending, derivatives, payments and assets
  • DeFi trading and investments in real-time
  • DeFi platforms and protocols: Uniswap, Maker, Aave, Compound
  • Real-world blockchain applications investments
  • Investments in blockchain Real Estate, Gaming, Internet of Things, Logistics, Identity, Government, and Security sectors
  • Understand how blockchain-integration positively disrupts legacy industries
  • Long-term impact of the blockchain In different sectors
  • Venture Capital Funds and Institutional Investment
  • Blockchain Entrepreneurship
  • Taxes & Legalities of Blockchain Investing

October 27, 2020 -March 2, 2021

Hacking The Digital Curve: Empowering Women Entrepreneurship

Women-owned and Women-led enterprises remain underrepresented in the Canadian economy, however, they experience faster growth relative to men-owned enterprises. To fill the gap, we are delivering 10 webinars for women entrepreneurs.

The series of webinars are:

Skills you are going to learn:

  • How to test your business idea without any capital
  • How to find and onboard your first customers
  • Emerging technologies and how to use them in your business
  • How to build a mobile app fast and inexpensive
  • How to talk to the software developers and contractors
  • How to develop website for your business
  • How to leverage technology to improve your marketing and bring new leads and paying customers
  • How to register your business and trademark
  • What are the risks and regulations for business founders
  • How to raise money for your business
  • How to design logos and other graphics yourself
  • Low code and no code tools for business

All attendees are going to learn practical skills in these technologies without doing any coding or heavily tech work. They will become versatile with a number of tools that help them propel theirs businesses to the next level.

All enrolled attendees will have an option to attend the follow up practical sessions where they can practice the tools and techniques they learned and receive a feedback and help form our mentors. We also engaged an experienced business mentors to have one-on-one business mentorship sessions with those who need help and advice.

Hacking the Digital Curve: Empowering Women Entrepreneurship Webinar series is executed by CryptoChicks and is brought to you by Northumberland CFDC and the DELIA program, with the support of FedDev Ontario.


DELIA is an automated lending platform for women-owned and women-led innovation-driven enterprises located anywhere in Southern Ontario. We are here to help innovative women entrepreneurs grow their business with automated lending up to $15,000 and access to entrepreneurial development. Find out more at delia.fund.


May 29-June 16, 2020

Planet Wide SOS Hackathon

Join Planet Wide SOS Hackathon to fund your ideas and solutions that help local communities (Anything Local Track) or create global remote platforms (Everything Remote Track).

Held in virtual reality Decentraland built on Ethereum blockchain. The prize fund of $100,000 is being raised and governed by the participants from 38 countries via the digital decentralized coop DAO. Open to all technologies, all countries, all genders. No programming experience – no problem: Top Business Ideas Awards are available. Diverse teams are recognized with the Top Women-Led Teams Awards. Your solution matters – registering at soshackathon.com.

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February 14-16, 2020

CryptoChicks Presents and Leads ETHDenver Exploration Track

Do you want to try the waters in creating a Dapp, project or business in blockchain technology, but not sure if it’s good enough? Do you have a great idea, but didn’t have enough time to finish your working prototype?
This new hackathon track is for you:
CryptoChicks will give you an opportunity to present your idea and win the prize at this largest in the world Blockchain Hackathon event. We accept in person and remote entries. Register for the Exploration Track entry here.
Location:  Denver, Colorado


CryptoChicks Third Annual Blockchain Hackathon and Conference in Toronto
“Blockchain Startups” Edition

With this event we change lives of women and youth by educating them in technologies. It is a combination of a technology competition and an educational conference. Plus a keynote from the Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin, presentations from Toronto blockchain startups,Woman of the Year and Hackathon Champions awards.
Register at

Location:  FASKEN, Toronto, Canada


CryptoChicks Blockchain and AI Hackathon in Pakistan

We are changing lives of Pakistani women by inviting them to use this unique opportunity to learn blockchain technology in-depth and then implement it in a project of your choice. This event will be put together with the help of our ambassadors from CryptoChicks Pakistan.
Many of last year event participants were hired by IBM Karachi right after this hackathon.

Registrations are open at
Location:  Karachi, Pakistan

Blockchain Business School and Hackathon For Youth

We are changing lives of Bahamian children and youth by creating for them this in-person program to learn blockchain technology in-depth and then implement it in a project of their choice. Registrations open at:


Location:  Nassau, Bahamas


CryptoChicks Hackathon and Conference in Dubai

This is our first event in UAE and we are very excited about it. More information is at

Location:  Dubai, OAE


CryptoChicks Core Team

The team that makes learning work for you
Elena Sinelnikova

Elena Sinelnikova

Software development team lead and entrepreneur. Elena has an extensive background of developing enterprise software solutions for government and law enforcement industries. She holds Master of Computer Science degree and her specialties are in blockchain, cyber security and full stack programming. She has taken on the opportunity to create and lead the CryptoChicks initiative and make it a success.

Natalia Ameline

Natalia Ameline

Natalia is a Senior Finance Executive with multi-industry experience. Her expertise is in strategic financial planning, decision support, operations management and change management. She holds Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as CPA/CMA accounting designation. Natalia was introduced to Blockchain technology in 2014 and has been passionate about the industry since.

Nataliya Hearn

Nataliya Hearn

Nataliya Hearn (Ph.D. Materials Engineering University of Cambridge) Professor turned serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Element 21 (ranked as the fastest growing company in Canada run by a woman W100 2009) that brought Scandium technology from the former Soviet Union to sports (baseball, golf, lacrosse), electronics, and aviation industries. Organized the launch of the golf drive from the International Space Station (2006).
Featured in Forbes (June 2010) for developing space age material for Mount Everest team with the warmest and thinnest jackets using ZeroLoft insulation material. Designed and marketed one of the most popular professional fishing rod lines — Carrot Stix.

Olga Plokhuta

Olga Plokhuta

Olga is a communication and marketing specialist.
Olga holds the degree in economics and business and is passionate about the tech industry in terms of analytics and innovations.
Her addiction for the CryptoChicks has been developed from the first meeting with them

Konstantin Borovik

Konstantin Borovik

Konstantin spent past 2 decades building corporate IT infrastructure.
He is a Bitcoin early adopter and blockchain educator.
Konstantin is currently working on a blockchain project focusing on the private key security, crypt accents governance and blockchain end-user interaction experience.

Ariba Rajput

Ariba Rajput

Ariba Rajput is a 16 year old blockchain developer, and haptics researcher. She is super interested in exponential technologies and their absolute to change the world, and the lives of other people for the better.
She was a summer intern at CryptoChicks, and has built a few blockchain appliances. She worked with the CryptoWhales board game during her summer with CryptoChicks.
CryptoChicks aims to help women and children all around the world with blockchain and AI, and she firmly believes that this is one of the best ways to empower people- to help them stand on their own two feet.

Sheyda Lotfalian

Sheyda Lotfalian

Sheyda is an experienced Digital Media Planner who recently came to Canada from Iran. Sheyda holds Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree focused in Business Administration and Management, General from University of Science and Culture. She is an excellent addition to CryptoChicks Marketing and Media team.

Our Ambassadors

People who represent CryptoChicks and carry on our mission in different parts of the World
Bob Summerwill

Bob Summerwill

Vancouver, Canada
Irina Lebedeva

Irina Lebedeva

Russia and Kazakhstan
Prince 'Ola Olaoye

Prince 'Ola Olaoye

Lagos, Nigeria
Shamim Rajani

Shamim Rajani

Karachi, Pakistan
Faiza Yousuf

Faiza Yousuf

Karachi, Pakistan
Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge

USA and Bahamas
Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera

Toronto, Canada
Alison Alexis

Alison Alexis

Vancouver, Canada
Chelsea Palmer

Chelsea Palmer

Vancouver, Canada


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