About CryptoChicks

We are a non-profit blockchain educational hub with a mission to achieve gender balance in the blockchain space.

Our classes are open to everyone, but we are particularly focused on educating women because we believe that women’s involvement will help blockchain realize its enormous potential as an instrument of positive change in the world.

We hold workshops for female investors, female entrepreneurs, women involved in technology, female corporate managers, career ladies, housewives, grandmothers, and all other women. If you are curious but feel that this blockchain and cryptocurrency stuff seems scary to you, try to make it to our “Intro To Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” class or watch this video. We make learning fun. You will not be disappointed!

Upcoming Events

March 8, 2018 – Introduction to Blockchain (University of Toronto)

If you heard about blockchain, but are still puzzled, this workshop is for you. 
In just 1 hour you will learn about:
  • Decentralization
  • Nodes
  • Crypto currencies
  • Mining
  • Cryptography
  • Accounts
  • Wallets
  • Private keys
  • Blocks
  • Hash
  • GAS
  • Smart Contracts

Location:  MADLab (B112, basement) in Gerstein Science Information Centre at 9 Kings College Circle

Time: 6 pm

April 6-8, 2018 – CryptoChicks Hackathon + Conference. 

We are inviting all women to use this unique opportunity to learn blockchain technology in-depth and then implement it in a project of your choice. Our sponsor BlockGeeks.com will provide all female participants with free online blockchain education. 

We will be running a conference in parallel with the hackathon. We are inviting the most outstanding blockchain professionals from all over the world to speak and share their knowledge.

Registration and tickets: https://cryptochickshackathon.com

Location:  MaRs Centre, 101 College Street, Toronto.

Past Events

February 17, 2018 – Blockchain Diversity (ETHDenver)

This workshop bring your attention on diversity gaps in blockchain space and technology. At this workshop we are going to design our own hardware wallet Location: THE SPORTS CASTLE, 1000 N. BROADWAYDENVER , CO Time: 7.30 pm MST

February 13, 2018 – Hardware Wallets or The Most Secure Way to Store Your Crypto (Co-Ed)

We continue to run our events together with CryptoBayTV and film them by ThatChannel. Next is our overview of popular hardware wallets. If you choose to buy and hold cryptocurrency, do it right! At this workshop we will tell you about the safety rules to store your funds and show you the most secure way to do it. Location:  ThatChannel.com Studio. 600 Bay Street, Suite 510, Toronto, ON, M5G 1M6. Time: 7 pm This event is first come first serve. Please come early to get the spot. $10 fee is charged at the door.

January 16, 2018 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

December 28, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Edmonton, AB)

December 7, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)

December 4, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)

November 20, 2017 – Blockchain in 10 minutes (Blockchain 10x event)

November 9, 2017 – Hardware Wallets

October 12, 2017 – Hardware Wallets (Ladies Only)

October 3, 2017 – Bitcoin Wallets

September 27, 2017 – Bitcoin Wallets (Ladies Only)

September 21, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)

September 17, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

September 14, 2017 – Ethereum Wallet (Ladies Only)

August 30, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)

August 22, 2017 – Crypto Currecy Exchanges (Ladies only)

August 9, 2017 – Bitcoin Wallet (Ladies only)

August 3, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)

July 20, 2017 – Intro to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies (Ladies Only)



CryptoChicks Team

Who We Are

Team that makes blockchain learning fun for you
Elena Sinelnikova

Elena Sinelnikova

Founder and CEO

Software development team lead turned entrepreneur. She founded CryptoChicks.ca in July 2017 with the vision to empower and inspire women interested in learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. “Women are underrepresented in technology, especially in blockchain technology. I wanted to create a friendly environment where women with non-developer and developer backgrounds met other women with similar interests. I managed to inspire and involve many women who become blockchain evangelists themselves”. Elena holds a Master of Computer Science and her specialties are in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, application architecture, design and development.

Natalia Ameline

Natalia Ameline


Natalia is a Senior Finance Executive with multi-industry experience. Her expertise is in strategic financial planning, decision support, operations management and change management. She holds Master’s degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as CPA/CMA accounting designation. She is a co-founder of CryptoChicks and is inspired by its mission – to grow the industry and its adoption by engaging women. After attending multiple crypto events, she believes that “we have this incredible opportunity to gain further insight and innovation by tapping into the immense talent of women”. Natalia was introduced to Blockchain technology in 2014 and has been passionate about the industry since.

Liza Horowitz

Liza Horowitz

Liza is a crypto and blockchain communicator. Liza communicates change, she helps break down complex topics into basic building blocks for individuals to learn and apply. Liza holds a Master of Science with a background in communication outreach, digital marketing and strategic implementation. “I attended my first bitcoin lecture at a conference in Las Vegas in 2015 and from there the learning never stopped”. My plan is to support the next generation of innovators by bringing blockchain to the 21st century classroom”. As a CryptoChick, we plan to write women back into the technology history books.

Nataliya Hearn

Nataliya Hearn

Nataliya Hearn (Ph.D. Materials Engineering University of Cambridge) Professor turned serial entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of Element 21 (ranked as the fastest growing company in Canada run by a woman W100 2009) that brought Scandium technology from the former Soviet Union to sports (baseball, golf, lacrosse), electronics, and aviation industries. Organized the launch of the golf drive from the International Space Station (2006).
Featured in Forbes (June 2010) for developing space age material for Mount Everest team with the warmest and thinnest jackets using ZeroLoft insulation material. Designed and marketed one of the most popular professional fishing rod lines — Carrot Stix.
Director of numerous public and private companies including ICOs: Chain of Points (loyalty program ICO 2017) and PNIK (asset – colour diamond – based crypto).

Olga Plokhuta

Olga Plokhuta

Olga is a software quality assurance analyst. Her expertise is in the consistent testing process developing, implementing and improving.
Olga holds the degree in economics and business and is passionate about the tech industry in terms of analytics and innovations.
Her addiction for the CryptoChicks has been developed from the first meeting with them :)

Konstantin Borovik

Konstantin Borovik

Konstantin is a blockchain educator and presenter.

Tracy Leparulo

Tracy Leparulo

Tracy is an early advocate for blockchain technology, and is committed to growing the crypto community through organizing game charger events. She’s the Founder of Untraceable, the first blockchain event management and marketing agency in Canada. Over the past 5 years, she has organized hundreds of iconic crypto events from the first Bitcoin Conference in Canada to the largest Ethereum hackathon in the world. As an early crypto investor Tracy has navigated through the blockchain ecosystems working on various projects from bitcoin wallets to ICOs to certified training. Tracy is committed to providing a platform for the greatest crypto minds to share knowledge, build technology, and create stronger connections within the blockchain community.

Minna Liang

Minna Liang

Minna is a software engineer.

What our clients say

Joanne Bailey

Data Management Specialist

"Elena breaks down blockchain technology in an engaging presentation that gives even those with zero knowledge an understanding of how blockchain works. I’m looking forward to learning more with CryptoChicks."

Cali Haan


"This meet up was excellent. I have been attending cryptocurrency meet ups for several months, and this was by far the clearest, most prepared and best executed presentation. Thank you for sharing your computer and economics expertise, Elena and Natalia. An evening of great value."

Melina Tanacs

Business Owner

"Thank you Elena and Natalia for organizing. I learn more at this meetup group than any other groups I attend. Could you please send some information on your Sunday beginner group. I’m having trouble finding the group on the meetup site."

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